September 23, 2021 2021-12-13 11:19

Preventive measures against Covid-19

We have made it our priority to take all possible preventive measures against Covid-19. We have equipped the hotel with preventive glass around the bars, reception and buffet. We have provided many disinfection stations around the hotel. Lastly we have designed a flow of movement around the hotel, which will help tourists to keep a safe distance.

We conduct regular health briefings of our employees

We monitor the health
of our staff

We carry strict hygiene protocol and disinfect with recommended and well known detergents like HMI

We have installed disinfectant dispensers

We have placed sanitary filtered door mats at the entrance of the hotel

We use personal protective equipment

We follow social distancing

We measure your body temperature

Disinfection of sunbeds by the pool

Your safety is a priority for us, so we apply all necessary precautions in accordance with the rules of the World Health Organization, the Ministry of Health.


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